There is a significant amount of history associated with LGBT rights, but the vast majority of that rich history has gone undocumented. For many years the LGBT community here in Fort Worth, in the nation, and in the world has been largely invisible. They are portrayed as flamboyant and frivolous, yet this is not representative of the majority.

This community has been vilified by the media, politicians, and religious organizations. Yet, these same people are so tightly knit to the community. They are city councilmen, police officers, school teachers, organization leaders, they are our children. Here, in a largely conservative city such as Fort Worth, the general population is unaware of the struggles that LGBT members faced, and continue to face today. We share these stories in the hopes that we can help open the eyes and ears of the general population to accept and nurture and the community who has always been a part of ours, but has so long been hidden.